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Melaleuca #02 - Be Your Own Boss!

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)
Plant Family: Myrtaceae

What is Melaleuca oil?
Melaleuca Oil is also known as Tea Tree Oil, which is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, which grows naturally in swampy regions of New South Wales, Australia. There are over 300 species of Melaleuca trees, but only the oil taken specifically from Melaleuca alternifolia has the documented therapeutic properties that make it so beneficial as a natural antiseptic.
The oil is claimed to have beneficial cosmetic and medical properties including antiseptic, anti-inflammation, antibiotic and fungicidal action.

What is Melaleuca oil used for?
Melaleuca oil is truly a wonder of nature, its unique qualities have helped generations of people relieve pain and soothe minor cuts, burns, scrapes, and infections in natural way without harsh chemicals or drugs.

Since the discovery of Melaleuca oil, research has repeatedly documented that it can soothe and help heal even stubborn skin irritations, provides quick relief for minor wounds, burns, abrasions, insect bites, and skin irritations. It helps kill bacteria and other microbes, helping to prevent infection and promote healing. It penetrates the skin and acts as a natural solvent to help cleanse wounds without damaging healthy tissue and it is non-caustic and can be used full-strength on most problem areas.

Naturally Healing In A Bottle
Melaleuca Oil is a natural remedy for minor skin irritation. And you won’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the benefits of Melaleuca Oil.

Six Valuable Properties of Melaleuca Oil that helps you and your family care for your skin:
  1. Naturally Antiseptic: Melaleuca Oil’s anti Bacterial Properties help prevent topical infection at the first sign of trouble.
  2. Gently Soothes: Relieves stinging and itching.
  3. Safely Penetrates: Melaleuca Oil gets to the source of the problem quickly for quick relief.
  4. Beneficially Non-Caustic: Melaleuca offers two grades of oil, T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil, non-irritating for most all skin types, and T40-C3 Melaleuca Oil, for more sensitive skin.
    Skin doesn’t feel raw after using Melaleuca Oil.
  5. Effectively Solvent: Melaleuca Oil’s natural solvency helps break up dirt and stains without irritation.
  6. Pleasantly Aromatic: The fragrance of Melaleuca Oil is cooling and will comfort you with its pleasing aroma and refreshes your senses.

Numerous Melaleuca oil products are available including soap, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, mouth rinse, lip balm, face wash, skin cream, cosmetic, first aid, essential oil, homecare items such as cleaner, stains remover, disinfectant, laundry, dishwashing liquid...

You can earn extra Money doing Melaleuca business part time or full time, depending on your own commitment. Anyone, from a housewife, office girl, executive, teacher, nurse, student, NS men...... can earn money doing this Melaleuca business. Best of all, this business is a opportunity with at least 8 "NO's":

  1. No boss to order you around
  2. No selling involved
  3. No large investment required
  4. No invoicing or collecting money
  5. No product deliveries
  6. No products to inventory in your home
  7. No pressuring customers to purchase
  8. No RISK to take

You are interested and want to know more about Melaleuca company, products as well as the commission plan, pls email to flosgk@gmail.com We are pleased to do a presentation with you.


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Melaleuca #01 - Be Your Own BOSS!

Melaleuca, The Wellness Company is an international manufacturer and marketer of unique health, home, and personal care products. The company was founded in 1985, and the name is taken from Melaleuca Alternifolia that produces a naturally powerful essential oil (Tea Tree Oil). This oil is used in many of Melaleuca's health care, pharmaceutical, personal care, and home care products.

Melaleuca guarantees your 100% satisfaction with their products. If they don’t meet your expectations, you can contact them within 60 days for a credit or exchange.

Six Key Areas of Wellness
Melaleuca is dedicated to helping you find balance and health in many areas of your life. Using the products can directly affect the health of your family and your finances... and can indirectly help you improve your social, intellectual and inner wellness.

Physical Wellness: With over 300 wellness products, Melaleuca leads the market with solutions for your nutritional, health, personal care, cosmetic, and home care needs.

Financial wellness: Melaleuca offers concentrated products that are priced to save you money over grocery store brands. Their Consumer Direct Marketing™ is a cost-effective method of shopping, saving you time and eliminating hassles. You can use our money-saving services to save on travel arrangements, long-distance telephone bills, Internet service and more. Melaleuca understands the importance of financial balance and is dedicated to helping you find time and money for what matters most.

Family Wellness: As you improve your physical wellness, reduce financial pressures and free up your time, you will find yourself in the best position to focus on the needs of your family.

Inner wellness: Melaleuca encourages everyone to live lives consistent with their personal values. As you achieve balance in other areas of your life you will find inner wellness and peace of mind.

Social Wellness: Recognizing the needs of others, helping others reach their goals, and valuing the contributions made by those around you is the basis for Melaleuca's mission.

Intellectual Wellness: A steady diet of good literature, music, art, and knowledge helps each of us improve the world we live in. The Melaleuca opportunity helps make the continuing pursuit of education possible.

In addition, Melaleuca strives to improve the wellness of our environment by using recyclable packaging and avoiding ecologically dangerous chemicals in the products. Using their products can increase the health of your household and reduce your impact on the environment. Improvements in any of these areas will help bring more balance to your life. Melaleuca is committed to bringing a healthier future to families around the world.

Since we join and by ordering certain things from melaleuca, we have just deducted these items which we used to purchase from our normal shopping so we aren’t really spending extra cash, the items are slightly dearer but as they are more concentrated we don’t have to use so much, a little goes a long way, they last longer and of better quality, which means we are saving money and their products with natural ingredients instead of a lot of the harsh chemical ingredients that are in most household products, we are getting better health for ourselves and family.

Consumer Direct Marketing; catalog shopping - you get high-quality, everyday use products delivered to you at wholesale prices, without paying the added costs of advertising and distribution.
Melaleuca now available in US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.

Melaleuca guarantees your 100% satisfaction with their products. If they don’t meet your expectations, you can contact them within 60 days for a credit or exchange.

Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic and antifungal agent used for skin care, as well as the treatment of a variety of ailments, insect bites, boils, and wounds. Melaleuca now sells more than 300 products, many of which are environmentally friendly and derived from natural ingredients, including tea tree oil.

For more information on the products or interested to join us, pls email to flosgk@gmail.com

We will do a presentation that lasted 20 minutes before joining the company. After the presentation, we will explain to you how this business works if you are interested. The decision is yours, we will not force you to join in any way.
Thank you for your time reading this blog......